About Accounting & Financial Management

Accounting & Financial Management provides a range of financial services and operations to support the fiscal integrity of the University. Through strong stewardship of the university’s financial resources, enforcement of effective policy, procedures, and internal controls, and through accurate financial reporting, we strive to serve the university’s diverse customer base and safeguard the public trust through responsive and reliable financial management. Accounting and Financial Management supports and fosters the University's Strategic Plan by striving for the following goals:

Serve as university subject matter experts for financial compliance and reporting standards.

  • Ensure adherence to applicable financial compliance and reporting standards set forth by university, local, state, and federal statutes, policies, and regulations
  • Provide uniform guidance to the university community for financial compliance and reporting standards

Collaborate with university stakeholders to meet their dynamic needs and build lasting relationships.

  • Provide excellent customer service to all
  • Improve financial processes through investment in strategic enhancements
  • Continuously innovate to provide accurate and complete data to university stakeholders
  • Protect university asset and data integrity

Cultivate an environment that fosters organizational excellence.

  • Recruit and retain valuable employees to accommodate changing needs of the portfolio
  • Encourage personal and professional growth
  • Create a team-based culture

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MAI 132


P.O. Box 7159
Austin, Texas 78713-7159