Rate Review Procedures

Revenue-generating services are a critical part of business for many units in Financial and Administrative Services (FAS).  The following procedures should be followed to propose new services or updated rates to existing services.

  1. Meet with the Senior Vice President and CFO (SVP/CFO) to discuss any new venture or change to existing activities before creating a formal proposal or engaging other offices in conversations.
  2. Email FBSAdmin@austin.utexas.edu to request that the DocuSign routing be set up. This email should include who will fill out the form and a brief (1-2 sentences) explanation of the services.
  3. The DocuSign form will route through the Assistant Vice President for FAS Business Services and the SVP/CFO. 
  4. Once the form is approved, coordinate with FAS Business Services to develop rates.  The senior leader will meet with the Assistant Vice President for FAS Business Services to review.
  5. If the unit is directed to coordinate with the Federal Costing Office, the forms should be routed through DocuSign and provided to the Federal Costing Office.
  6. Final rates will be reviewed and approved by the SVP/CFO.