AFM News

Increasing Security Across UT’s 300,000 Wi-Fi Enabled Devices Starting May 22

March 30, 2022
n May 22, additional firewall protection will extend to more than 300,000 individual devices within the university’s network.

AFM Seeks Input on Voucher Processing Deadlines

March 30, 2022
AFM is working on establishing the Voucher Processing Deadlines for campus earlier this year to aid in departmental planning.

“Trust and Accept” New utexas Wi-Fi Certificate on Your Phones and Computers Starting March 30

March 29, 2022
Beginning March 30, you will be prompted to trust and accept a new certificate to access the utexas Wi-Fi network from your phones, tablets and computers.

AFM Newsletter for February 24, 2022

Feb. 24, 2022
In This Issue: • AFM Requests Information Regarding GASB 96 • Tax Form 1042-S Available March 1 • Reminder – Financial Fundamentals Self-Paced Learning • In Case You Missed It: Maximum Dollar Amount for Flower and Perishable Purchases Increased to $200 • Submit Newsletter Feedback and Article Suggestions to

Reminder – Financial Fundamentals Self-Paced Learning

Feb. 23, 2022
The Financial Fundamentals self-paced course provides anyone new to UT financial systems with the foundational concepts necessary for performing the tasks of a document initiator, approver, or viewer of financial-related data.

Tax Form 1042-S Available March 1

Feb. 22, 2022
The 1042-S, a tax form for nonresident employees who earned wages that were exempt from federal withholding taxes due to a tax treaty, will be mailed and available electronically through the My Tax Forms page of UT Direct starting March 1.