Inventory Services

The Inventory Services unit of Accounting and Financial Management is responsible for the overall accounting management of capital and controlled assets for the University of Texas at Austin.  The primary mission of Inventory Services is:

  • to ensure that correct procedures are followed,
  • assist departments in accounting for their inventory by tracking assets from acquisition to disposal; and
  • to accurately report required asset data to the State of Texas Comptroller, federal, and non-federal sponsors

Annual Physical Inventory

Institutional policy and Federal law requires a physical accounting of inventoried property.


  • Start early, track your equipment year round
  • Submit removal paperwork before equipment leaves and before you turn in your certification
  • If your department will need a scanner please email to make arrangements.
  • For more information, please click Annual Physical Inventory FAQ

FRMS Departmental Inventory Portal

The Departmental Inventory Portal, which is a subsystem of the Financial Resource Management System (FRMS), is available for departments to easily update inventory items:

The Departmental Inventory Portal will provide a Web-based inventory item management system for departments, thus allowing departments to perform the following tasks:

  • Mark items as found, missing, or unfound
  • Easily update location, comments, responsible person, and other data fields
  • View inventory information about units, items, and number of items in a unit
  • Perform mass updates of multiple inventory items for various fields, including status, location, and responsible person
  • Download report data

Inventory Transfers Document

CCART (Online NT1 document) is open and operational year-round for processing electronic transfer of equipment (NT1) documents. You will need to update your fiscal year within your authorizations in order to avoid the error message. For a quick tutorial and guide for maneuvering Working with CCART.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Email box system allows incoming communication to be clearly categorized and sent to the correct people for faster service.  We hope you will join us in in our quest for a more efficient inventory experience by using these boxes for your communications going forward.