Bursar (Cashier) Services

Bursar (Cashier) Services is responsible for properly documenting and collecting monies owed The University of Texas at Austin by students, faculty/staff, etc., such as, tuition registration fees, tuition add bills, tuition installment bills, fines and charges, retiree insurance, institutional and federal loans, overpayments, housing, parking, health center, returned checks, dissertation and binding fee, tuition deposits, class audit fees, and all other fees on the Centralized Receivable System. Other Bursar responsibilities include the following:

  • Disburse refunds, financial aid, and scholarship/fellowship checks.
  • Receive and verify manual and electronic departmental deposits accurately, with proper documentation, while the customer (departmental representative) waits.
  • Order and furnish standing petty cash change orders for certain departments. Cash certain petty cash reimbursement checks. Furnish emergency change funds to certain departments.
  • Post all cash receipts to the accounting records daily via the Cash Receipts Voucher.
  • Test and verify that all security systems in the office are working properly and that all areas are secure during non-office hours.
  • Maintain procedures that minimize loss of funds to The University.
  • Information for UT departments preparing to accept credit card payments via the Internet

Contact Bursar (Cashier) Services


Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


University of Texas at Austin
110 Inner Campus Drive, Stop K5308
Austin, TX 78712-1669