Financial Systems Training Sessions

Self-Paced Learning

Financial Fundamentals

Financial Fundamentals is intended for anyone new to UT financial systems, whether you are a document initiator, approver, or viewer of financial-related data. The lessons in this course are designed to teach the foundational concepts of UT financial systems. While the course content is presented for an entry-level audience, experienced users may find individual lessons helpful as a knowledge refresher. Learn more.

Training Session Recordings

To assist those unable to attend a previous training session or anyone needing to review, presentation materials and session recordings are available below.


Electronic Office Management (EOM)

Electronic Office Management (EOM) Basics

The Electronic Office Management (EOM) Basics session will review select UT accounting concepts and cover the basic terms and concepts of the EOM system, including how the EOM is used to authorize access to *DEFINE and FRMS. 

Electronic Office Management (EOM) – Q&A Session #1

Electronic Office Management (EOM) – Q&A Session #2


Fiscal Year-End

Fiscal Year-End Processing Information Session

The Fiscal Year-End Processing Information Session provides an informational overview of the fiscal year-end financial process and available resources.


UT Accounting


This class provides a basic understanding of UT accounts, transactions, object codes, unit codes, general ledger information, and more.

Applications (*DEFINE / FRMS)

Gary Martt, a veteran financial systems trainer with 25 years of experience, will lead this session, helping attendees learn how to navigate and utilize *DEFINE, FRMS, and other UT administrative applications to purchase goods and services, view transactions and balances, maintain inventory, run reports, and more. While this course is geared towards new to intermediate-level users, there will be tips and hints along the way that even advanced users will find useful.