EOM Basics and Beyond Video Series

This video series for Electronic Office Management (EOM) is designed to assist both beginners and experienced Electronic Office Managers and Delegates. The series covers the basic concepts involved in setting up an electronic office before diving into some of the more complex nuances of Electronic Office Management. Viewers can watch the entire series in order as a self-paced learning experience or choose to view individual videos for assistance with specific topics. See below for a complete list of topics.


Electronic Office Management (EOM) Basics

Viewers who are new to Electronic Office Management (EOM) are encouraged to view the EOM Basics training session. The recording and PowerPoint from this session are provided below.

The Electronic Office Management (EOM) Basics session reviews select UT accounting concepts and cover the basic terms and concepts of the EOM system, including how the EOM is used to authorize access to *DEFINE and FRMS.


EOM Basics and Beyond Topics

EOM: Role of Managers and Delegates
Introduction to Electronic Office Management and the roles of Manager and Delegate.

EOM: (Desks Part 1) Authorization Desks and General Concepts
A dive into common types of desks, their usage, and setup.

EOM: (Desks Part 2) Routing Desks
Understanding routing desk functionality and setup is a critical factor in ensuring electronic documents start and end as desired.

EOM: (Desks Part 3) Signer Desks
A dive into the nuances of signer desk functionality and setup, which is a mandatory EOM feature.  

EOM: (Views Part 1) Authorization Views
Authorization views are a critical component to ensuring that creators and viewers can see and do all they need for their job.

EOM: (Views Part 2) Routing Views
Routing views coupled with Routing desks ensure that electronic documents flow properly.

EOM: Command Authorizations
Combined with desks and authorization views, this provides the complete EOM capability for users.


For assistance with Electronic Office Management (EOM), contact askUS Support at askUS@austin.utexas.edu.