Forms listed with "*" are interactive PDF documents. You can enter the required information directly on to the form and then print it. You will need the full version of Adobe Acrobat to save the entered information.

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Accounts Payable Forms

  • Official Occasion Expense Form*
    This version of the Official Occasion Expense Form is optional, but the form includes all data necessary to process a reimbursement request for an official occasion or entertainment expenses.  Departments may use a form of their own design as long as it includes the same information as Payment Services Official Occasion Expense form. 
  • Manual IDT Form*
    Departments should use this form when none of the existing VT5 or VT6 formats apply and when a new VT5 or VT6 format is not warranted. This form should be used infrequently. Forward the completed Manual IDT form to Payment Information at mail code K5300 along with any necessary supporting documentation.
  • Payee Information Form (PIF)*
    See Purchasing Forms.

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Cash Advance Forms

Study Participants

Credentialing Document for Essential Personnel to Travel to UT Property for Work

Many staff members have requested official documentation to have available while commuting to and from work in order to perform essential and core job duties. An official document can now be generated through DocuSign. For detailed instructions, information on document routing, and a link to the form, visit the DocuSign Business Forms: Essential Personnel web page.


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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Forms

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Imprest Fund Management Forms
Contains information related to handling Imprest Funds including reconciliation and petty cash handling. See also the associated

  • Form AC217-1*
    Use this form to fill out the Cash Imprest Fund Disbursement Log for the purpose of maintaining a permanent record of incoming reimbursement checks.
  • Form AC217-2*
    Use this form to fill out the Receipt Itemization for the Imprest Fund Reimbursement Voucher which have multiple receipts.
  • Form AC217-3*
    Use this form to fill out the Cash Imprest Fund Reconciliation Sheet which is used to maintain documentation of the total amount of the fund.
  • Form AC217-4*
    Use this form to fill out the Imprest Fund Bank Account Reconciliation which should be reconciled monthly between the bank account and the fund.
  • Form AC217-5*
    Use this form to fill out the Changes to Petty Cash Funds for changes in custodians, location of the fund, etc and signed by responsible person.

Independent Contractor Forms
Use these forms to authorize payment for professional services.

Insurance Forms

Inventory Forms, University of Texas at Austin

Inventory Forms, U.S. Government

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Loan Forms

Loan Forms, Nursing Faculty Loan Program

Loan Forms, Perkins

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New Account Request Forms
To have a new account or budget group created.

Notary Forms

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Payroll Forms

Petty Cash Forms - See Imprest Fund Management Forms

Purchasing Forms

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Records Management Forms

Refund Forms

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Scholarship/Fellowship Forms

  • Payee Information Form (PIF)*
    The FRMS Scholarship/Fellowship system displays a message to the document creator when a PIF is required for the recipient. The department must obtain a completed PIF from the recipient to verify the recipient's taxpayer number, address, and nationality.  Scan and upload the PIF via the secure UTBox Upload Widget, (, or refer to the PIF Checklist for other delivery methods.   
  • Scholarship/Fellowship Award Documents
    These documents are prepared electronically in the FRMS Scholarship/Fellowship System for payments of scholarship/fellowship awards.
  • W-8BEN Form
    A foreign student is subject to a 14 percent withholding tax unless a completed W-8BEN Form is on file. This form is generated for eligible international students by GLACIER, which is administered by the Tax Services department. This form is good for three years.

Signature Desk Request Forms

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Tax Forms

Travel Forms

TXShop Forms

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Vehicle Forms

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Wire Transfers

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