HBP Part 10. Costing

Handbook of Business Procedures

Part 10. COSTING

Table of Contents

10.1. Introduction and Resources

10.2. Service Center Policy Summary

10.3. Service Center Manual *

10.3.1. Purpose

10.3.2. Responsibilities

10.3.3. General Information about Service Centers

10.3.4. Expenditures/Costs

10.3.5. Rate Setting

10.3.6. Types of Service Centers

10.3.7. Requesting and Approving a Service Center

10.3.8. Service Center Administration

10.3.9. Taxes

10.3.10. Equipment

10.3.11. Closing a Service Center

10.3.12. Glossary

10.4. Cost Guidelines

10.5. Facilities and Administrative Rates

10.6. Cost Share



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