HBP Part 13.2.5. Replacement Paychecks

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: June 3, 2011
Last revised: November 12, 2018
Issued by: Payroll Services


A replacement payroll check is issued in the event that a paper paycheck has been lost, destroyed, or has become stale dated because it was not cashed within 13 months of the issue date.

An employee who is in need of a replacement check is required to complete a Replacement Check Request Form to place a stop payment on the original paycheck and provide additional information. The employee must also certify on the form that no attempts will be made to cash the original paycheck should it be found at a later time.

Replacement checks cannot be issued by direct deposit; the preferred method of receiving payment must be indicated on the form. Payroll Services will notify employees when a replacement check is available for pickup in the office.

Please see the Payroll Services Web page, Replacement Checks, for additional information.

Note: Although payroll checks may indicate a set number of days before becoming "void," the checks are generally honored by financial institutions until they become stale dated.



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