HBP Part 13.8.5. Retiree Insurance Billing

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: April 12, 2011
Last revised: April 18, 2011
Issued by: Payroll Services


Retired employees, individuals who were employed by The University of Texas at Austin and who meet the eligibility requirements in Texas Insurance Code, Title 8, Subtitle H, Chapter 1601, Subchapter C. Coverage and Participation, may be eligible to participate in group insurance benefits. For eligibility and enrollment information, refer to Retiree Insurance Benefit Overview.

To learn more about retiree insurance, employees eligible for retirement may complete the following steps:

  • Review the Pre-Retirement Checklist.
  • Attend Retiring from UT Austin.
    This session provides an overview of retiree insurance enrollment, eligibility, premium billing and payment, Social Security, Medicare and coordination with university insurance, returning to work after retirement, and getting started with Teacher Retirement Services (TRS) or Optional Retirement Program (ORP). Register online through TXCLASS (UT EID and password required).

For more information, contact the Human Resource Service Center (HRSC).

Note: Long-term care insurance is not administered by the university. Retiring employees who would like to participate in long-term care insurance must contact CNA at 888-825-0353 within 31 days after retirement to request direct billing.

B. Billing

Payroll Services at the university issues retiree insurance bills quarterly during the fiscal year (September through August). Insurance payments may be made quarterly or monthly and are due by the tenth of the month. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due on the next business day. If payment is not received by the due date, retiree insurance coverage may be cancelled.

C. Resources

Additional information about retiree insurance billing and payment options is available on the Payroll Services and Human Resource Services websites.



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