HBP Part 19.1.8 Special Events General Liability (SEGL) Insurance

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: July 15, 2011
Last revised: July 15, 2011
Issued by: Risk Management


A. Introduction

There are several insurance products to choose from that provide coverage for the various exposures for Special Events. For more information, contact The University of Texas at Austin’s Accounting and Financial Management Risk Management.

B. Special Events General Liability (SEGL) Insurance

The University of Texas System’s Special Event General Liability (SEGL) Policy provides coverage to third-party participants and/or spectators at select sponsored events for the university that occur off its premises. The SEGL policy protects the university against claims by third parties who may sustain bodily injury or property damage as a result of participating in the sponsored event.

Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events provides specific risk management guidelines that should be considered before undergoing a sponsored event.

C. Securing SEGL

Please send the following summary information about your scheduled event to Risk Management:

  • a copy of the contract
  • event name
  • event date
  • event location
  • number of expected participants
  • food to be served, if applicable 
  • food vendor name, if applicable
  • alcohol to be served, if applicable
  • alcohol vendor name, if applicable
  • Certificate of Insurance requirements, if any
  • account to charge premium to
  • copy of the Certificate of Insurance from any caterer serving alcohol or food, naming the university as additional insured relative to the food, beverage, and alcohol service for your scheduled event

D. Reporting Claims

Promptly report Special Events General Liability claims to the university’s Accounting and Financial Management Risk Management and to the claims coordinator at The University of Texas System’s Office of Risk Management (ORM). ORM will also ensure that The Office of General Counsel at UT System is notified of incidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

Complete the Potential Claim Incident Report form. Once notified of a loss, UT System’s ORM will submit the claim to the insurance carrier on behalf of the university.


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