HBP Part 19.5.4. Debit Card Issuance

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: November 11, 2013
Last revised: January 15, 2021
Issued by: Risk Management


A. Introduction

The University of Texas at Austin issues an ID card to current faculty, staff, and students, which is a photo identification and may be used as a debit card for Dine In Dollars and Bevo Pay. Initial card requests must be made in-person at the University ID Center. The request must be accompanied by a valid, current government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, or military ID.

B. Lost/Stolen ID Cards

Requests for replacement ID Card - due to theft, loss, or damage - must be made in-person at the ID Center. Lost or stolen cards should be deactivated on the Lost/Stolen ID Deactivation page, and the cardholder should notify the UT Police Department immediately at 512-471-4441.

A valid, current government-issued photo ID is required to receive a replacement card. For individuals that do not have a valid, current government-issued ID due to loss or theft, refer to the alternative options on the I Don’t Have Valid ID page.

C. ID Cards Returned to the ID Center

  • ID Cards Mailed to the ID Center
    When a lost ID card is found and mailed to the ID Center, the UT EID record is reviewed and one of the following occurs:
    • If the UT EID record indicates that the ID card has been replaced, the ID card is shredded.
    • If the UT EID record indicates that the ID card is currently active, the record is updated to "Active/Found," and the ID card is placed in the Found Card bins. This is to ensure that the ID card is returned to the rightful owner.
    • If the UT EID record indicates the individual is no longer eligible to retain the ID card due to loss of affiliation, the ID card is shredded.
  • Confidential Notifications of Deceased Individuals
    After the ID Center has received confidential notification of a deceased individual and the ID card, the card record is updated to "Inactive/Gone," thus inactivating the ID card.
  • Termination of employment
    Faculty and staff ID cards must be returned to their supervisors or Human Resource Services upon termination of employment. University affiliates must return their ID cards to their supervisors or other appropriate administrative contact persons upon conclusion or termination of the affiliation.

D. Dine In Dollars and Bevo Pay

Dine In Dollars and Bevo Pay are accessed via ID Cards. When an ID card is presented for payment, the cashier is required to match the identity of the person presenting the ID card with the photo on the ID card. When an ID Card is used without a cashier present, the Division of Housing and Food (DHFS) Gold/Micros systems look for excessive amounts of spending. The following processes are designed to help protect consumers from identity theft:

  • If more than $20 is used at a vending machine in one time period, the student and DHFS are notified immediately by email, and the card is automatically deactivated.
  • Each time Bevo Pay are used for online purchases, the student is notified by email.
  • The data on an ID Card cannot be used to gain access to the DHFS systems, which prevents someone who has a machine to read a card from sending the data without having possession of the card.
  • Bevo Pay and Dine In Dollars balances and transactions may be viewed online by logging in with a UT EID and password.
  • Bevo Pay and Dine In Dollar balances are shown at vending machines, Point of Sale (POS) systems, on receipts, and online.
  •  The Division of Housing and Food Services’ Lost/Stolen ID Deactivation page.
  • Bevo Pay and Dine In Dollars account holders may opt-in to receive a low-balance notification email.


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