HBP Part 24.1. Introduction and Resources

Date published: March 9, 2012
Last revised: September 20, 2018
Issued by: HUB/SB


A. Introduction

The University of Texas at Austin’s Historically Underutilized Business/Small Business (HUB/SB) Program Office is committed to encouraging the full and equal access and participation of historically underutilized, small, disadvantaged, woman-owned, and veteran-owned businesses in contracting and purchasing processes at the university in accordance with Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Chapter 20, Subchapter D, Division 1, Sections §20.281 to §20.298 and the Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR). With a focus on supporting the educational and research missions of the university, the HUB/SB office provides education and outreach to the business and university communities.

The HUB/SB Program Office operates within the Procurement and Payment Services department, under the direction of the Assistant Vice President of Procurement, Payments Services, and Business Contracts, who is also the current HUB/SB Coordinator. HUB/SB staff is comprised of the HUB/SB Director and associates working in the HUB/SB Program Office and in the Campus Planning and Project Management and Project Management and Construction Services departments.

The HUB/SB Program Office is located in the UT Administration Building (UTA) and is open from 8 a.m.‐5 p.m., Monday-Friday, excluding university holidays.

B. Overview of Historically Underutilized Business/Small Business (HUB/SB) Program Office Functions

The HUB/SB Program Office performs the following primary tasks:

  • Policy Implementation – Provides oversight and assistance with development of the university’s policy to place a fair proportion of its acquisitions with all categories of historically underutilized and small business concerns.
  • Acquisition Advocacy – Works closely with program, technical, and contracting personnel at the university to ensure acquisition strategies are fair and open in regard to historically underutilized businesses and small business concerns.
  • Intra/Inter Agency Liaison – Works within the university community to promote HUB/SB programs and initiatives and to keep university personnel informed concerning policies and procedures; works with other agencies and the business community to foster business relationships and enhance the reputation of the university.
  • Outreach and Counseling – Educates the university community on program goals and policy implementation; educates the business community on the university’s acquisition process.

C. Resources

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