HBP Part 24.2.4. HUB Reporting Requirements

Date published: November 20, 2012
Last revised: November 17, 2017
Issued by: HUB/SB


Several types of reports about HUBs are required by the state of Texas.

A. Monthly Reports

  • Use of HUBs
    The University of Texas at Austin compiles expenditure information monthly about the use of HUBs, including information regarding subcontractors and suppliers. Each contractor that is awarded a contract by the university must report any subcontracts. A contractor must report this information on the HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) – Prime Contractor Progress Assessment Report.
  • Performance Reports
    Year-to-date HUB performance reports are distributed to departments each month so they can analyze the reports for accuracy and plan for inclusion of HUBs in future procurement. Upon request, the HUB/SB Program Office provides assistance with analyzing the reports. Departments can find HUB vendors in the following ways:
    • HUB/SB Program Office staff works with departments to locate and identify HUB vendors.
    • The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts provides a HUB Directory to search for HUB vendors.
    • Departments can search for a vendor on the POINT Plus home page. For assistance, contact the HUB/SB Program Office.

B. Statewide Support Services Division (SSSD)​ HUB Report

On a semiannual and annual basis, the HUB/SB Program Office is required to report HUB expenditure data to Statewide Support Services Division (SSSD). Expenditure data includes:

  • the total dollar amount of payments made under contracts awarded to HUBs
  • the number of businesses participating in any issuance of state bonds by the university
  • the number and value of awards made to HUBS, reported by group (Asian Pacific American, Black American, etc.)
  • the number of bids received by HUBs

For more information, refer to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts State Purchasing: HUB Reporting website.

In accordance with Texas Administrative Code, Title 34, Chapter 20, Subchapter D, Division 1, Sections §20.281 to §20.298, the university may also demonstrate good faith by submitting a supplemental letter with documentation to the Texas State Comptroller of Public Account with its HUB Report. Each year the HUB/SB Office submits a supplemental letter outlining the university’s good faith effort regarding procurement opportunities for HUBs. The supplemental letter also provides comprehensive representation of the university’s efforts and addresses any unique purchasing requirements not directly reflected within the totals and percentages.

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