HBP Part 7.10.4. Purchase Order Cancellations

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: March 5, 2012
Last revised: August 2, 2013
Issued by: Purchasing


A. Introduction

If a vendor does not meet the contractual obligations, the university may cancel a purchase order without the vendor’s permission. If the requesting department believes that the vendor has failed to meet its contractual obligations, the requesting department must contact the Purchasing Office.

Cancellation of purchase orders must be initiated in POINT Plus or FRMS by the requesting department.

B. Requesting Cancellation of a Purchase Order

A purchase order may be cancelled if no line items on the purchase order have been received and accepted.

The method of requesting cancellation of a purchase order depends on how the purchase order was created.

1. POINT Plus Purchase Orders

The requesting department must notify the vendor of the proposed cancellation and verify that no payments have posted to the purchase order prior to completing the steps below.

  1. Go to POINT Plushttps://utdirect.utexas.edu/pointplus/index.WBX.
  2. In the PO Number field type the purchase order number and click Go.
  3. On the Purchase Order Summary page of the document, go to the Select an Action drop-down menu and select CAN.
  4. A message displays: Are you sure you want to create a cancel document for this order? Click Ok to cancel the purchase order.
  5. Once the PX document is created, click Reason for Change/Cancel and enter a reason for the cancellation.
  6. On the Purchase Order Summary page, select APP to route the document forward for approval.
  7. Once the cancellation document is final approved, click Email Vendor Copy to notify the vendor of the cancellation.

Note: The department final approves POINT Plus cancellation orders (PXO, PX3, and PX4).

2. State Contract Orders

State Contract order cancellations are similar to other POINT Plus cancellations; however, the Purchasing Office final approves all State Contract order cancellation documents (PX7 and PX8). The requesting department must notify the vendor of its intent to cancel the order prior to creating the cancellation document in POINT Plus.

3. UT Market Orders

Purchase order cancellations generated in FRMS are not sent to the vendor. Therefore, the requesting department must inform the vendor of changes to the purchase order prior to cancelling the purchase order in FRMS.

To cancel a UT Market purchase order:

  1. Go to the FRMS home page: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/frms/home/
  2. Click the Procurement tab.
  3. Click the PO tab.
  4. In the PO Number field type the purchase order number.
  5. Click View PO.
  6. Click Cancel to create a cancellation document.

Note: In order to cancel a UT Market purchase order, the user must be assigned to the desk that was used to create the original requisition, and the desk must have Update (U) or Super (S) command authorization for the PXU document in Electronic Office Management (EOM). There cannot be any other pending change order documents or payment vouchers associated with the original document.



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