HBP Part 7.7.1. Purchasing of Used Equipment

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: January 17, 2012
Last revised: December 13, 2016
Issued by: Purchasing


Most purchases made by the university are for new equipment. However, there may be instances when the procurement of previously used equipment may be necessary or advantageous, such as when there is a lack of availability of new equipment or when there are budgetary constraints. Despite the potential advantages, there are risks involved with procurement of used equipment.

Equipment that is used includes:

  • refurbished equipment
  • used equipment supplied with the same warranty as new equipment
  • equipment used for a demonstration, even if the demonstration was performed for the university

A department that is considering a used equipment purchase should consult with the Purchasing Office. To find the purchasing buyers assigned to a department, see the UT Purchasing Centers and Buyers List.

In general, the purchase of used equipment may not be processed as an exclusive acquisition purchase. Although the equipment may have originally been available from only one source, once equipment appears on the used equipment market, a variety of sellers may be able to provide the equipment to the university.

Used equipment purchases follow the same dollar limits that apply to new equipment purchases. For more information, see the Handbook of Business Procedures 7.2. Authority to Obligate. The following requirements also apply to used equipment purchases:

  • The supplier providing the equipment must provide a letter or signed statement guaranteeing the quality and condition of the equipment bid.
  • The department must provide the following information to the purchasing buyers assigned to the department:
    • Justification of the requirement for used equipment versus new equipment
    • Statement that a departmental representative has personally examined the equipment or otherwise verified that the equipment is in the condition described by the supplier. The statement must also document that the cost of the used equipment warrants the risk involved.
    • If extenuating circumstances exist that prevent competitive bidding and the order exceeds $15,000, an exclusive acquisition justification form must be provided.

Used equipment purchases are subject to the approval of the assistant vice president for procurement, contracts, and payment services and the senior vice president and chief financial officer.



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