HBP Part 7.7.10. Remodeling and Construction Services Purchases

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: February 16, 2012
Last revised: February 16, 2012
Issued by: Purchasing


A. Remodeling and Renovations

All repair, remodeling, or renovations to University of Texas at Austin property must be reviewed by Project Management & Construction Services (PMCS) before the Purchasing Office can process a requisition for this type of work. Even minor construction jobs may require project coordination, permitting, bonding, or an increased level of insurance for onsite work. Requests that are submitted to the Purchasing Office will be submitted to PMCS for review and approval.

Examples of remodeling and renovation projects include:

  • Carpet and Flooring

    Departments must contact PMCS for all new carpet and flooring purchases, regardless of the funding source. Unless PMCS approves an alternate arrangement, the Purchasing Office cannot process procurements for carpeting/flooring.
  • Furniture

    Departments must contact PMCS for review and approval of the proposed purchase of furniture, including furnishings for:
    • student classrooms or workspaces
    • modular office areas
    • laboratories

In addition to review of the furniture items, PMCS will review the furniture design and confirm compliance with fire and safety codes and ADA requirements. They will also ensure that the furniture layout does not block existing power outlets, thermostats, or air ducts. This initial review helps to minimize problems after the furniture is installed. After PMCS approves the purchase or the approach, the Purchasing Office can process the procurement.

The following items also require initial review and approval by PMCS:

  • painting
  • ceiling, wall, or door repair or replacement
  • window installation
  • landscaping
  • demolition or design services
  • signage (interior or exterior)

B. Existing Job Order Contracts (JOCs)

A job order contract is a special contract for remodeling services that uses a predetermined pricing structure, speeds up the quotation process, and provides discount pricing. They are competitively awarded and meet all the insurance and liability requirements imposed by The University of Texas System and the university’s Risk Management Office. The UT System Office of General Counsel puts restrictions on the use of job order contracts; therefore, the restrictions must be reviewed by the Purchasing Office before the purchase order is issued. To view these restrictions, see UT System Construction Contracting Guidelines, Part II, B. Construction Delivery Methods and Agreements, 6. Job Order Contracts.

PMCS has job order contracts available for certain trades, such as plumbers, electricians, etc. For additional information concerning the availability of various JOCs, contact PMCS.

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