HBP Part 7.8.2 ProCard Application and Issuance Process

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: September 7, 2018
Last revised: January 21, 2020
Issued by: Purchasing



A. Who Should Apply for a ProCard? 

The ProCard Office is committed to ensuring ethical use of ProCards. ProCards are only issued to individuals that have accountability to the University. For this reason, the following types of employees are ineligible to receive a procurement card: 

  • Temporary and variable employees (ex: UTemps, sporadic, and seasonal employees) 
  • Nonemployees (ex: contingent workers, academic affiliates, graduate fellows, volunteers) 
  • Undergraduate student employees 

Applicants should keep Separation of Duties Requirements in mind when applying for a ProCard. A Cardholder is not allowed to be assigned in other roles within the ProCard approval process. If an exception needs to be made, contact the Central ProCard Office.   

B. Applying for a ProCard 

The ProCard works much like a personal credit card, though it is not connected to the holder’s personal credit. Having a ProCard is a privilege based on trust vested by the University upon the Cardholder. In order for an applicant to be considered for a card, they are required to meet the aforementioned applicant criteria and apply to the ProCard program.   

A complete application includes the following information:

  • Current and accurate information for the ProCard holder. 
  • Acceptance and understanding of the responsibilities of being a ProCard holder. 
  • Acceptance of the attestation language included on the application. 
  • College, School, or Unit (CSU) Business Officer-approved single transaction limits, as well as cycle limits. 
  • An established default account number with funding available to fund transactions. 
  • Appropriate signatures where designated on the application. 

The completed application must be routed to the Central ProCard Office upon completion. The Central ProCard Office may reject applications at its own discretion. 

C. Processing with Citibank

Once the Central ProCard Office has received a completed application, and verified the information presented, they will process the application with Citibank.  

D. ProCard Issuance 

1. Arrival of the Card 

Once the application is processed, the new card is delivered to the Central ProCard Office. Once the card is received, the applicant is notified and in-person training is scheduled. Training must be completed and the exam successfully passed within six months of the arrival of the card. If these conditions are not met, the card is destroyed, application signers are notified, and the application process must be repeated. 

2. Complete Training 

Training for new Cardholders is completed in-person upon verification of the applicant’s identity. An exception for individuals located outside of the Austin area may be requested. If you have accessibility needs, contact Human Resources at least five days in advance of the event at 512-471-4772.

A test is administered at the end of the training. In order for an applicant to successfully obtain their card, they must pass their test with a score of 80% or higher. If an applicant does not pass the test after two attempts, they are not eligible to participate in the ProCard program. The Central ProCard Office will coordinate with individuals who are not able to meet testing requirements.  

Once the applicant successfully passes the exam, they receive their card. Refresher training is required on an annual basis. The Cardholder is notified when training is due. If training is not completed within the established timeframe, the Cardholder’s privileges are suspended.  

3. Getting Started with the ProCard 

All new Cardholders receive a starter kit when they receive their new ProCard. This kit includes a variety of tools to assist the Cardholder in becoming a successful member of the ProCard program.  

4. Notifying the CSU  

Once the application and issuance process is complete for the new Cardholder, the application signers for the Cardholder are notified accordingly by the Central ProCard Office. 


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