HBP Part 7.8.3 Appropriate Conduct with ProCard

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: October 22, 2018
Last revised: June 6, 2022
Issued by: Purchasing



Responsibilities of a ProCard Holder 

The employee named on a ProCard is the sole Cardholder and is entirely responsible for its control, security and use. By submitting their application, the Cardholder acknowledges that they understand, accept, and adhere to all applicable policies and procedures.  

The following responsibilities are monitored by the Central ProCard Office. Improper use of the ProCard is subject to consequences. If an exception to appropriate conduct with the ProCard needs to be made, utilize the Exception Request Form.

1. Prohibiting Split Charges

The total amount of any individual purchase cannot exceed the Cardholder's single transaction limit. A “split charge” is the intentional splitting of a purchase such that the total amount of the transaction remains under the Cardholder’s single transaction limit. Splitting charges is strictly prohibited. 

2. Exempting Purchases from Texas Sales Tax 

UT Austin is exempt from paying Texas sales tax. If a vendor within Texas charges sales tax on a purchase, contact the vendor directly to request a refund of the sales tax. If the vendor is unwilling to cooperate, the item must be returned, or the Cardholder is responsible for reimbursing the University for sales tax that was charged at the time or purchase. Any correspondence related to reimbursement needs to be included with the documentation when submitted for imaging. Should the Cardholder need to be reimbursed sales tax they have personally paid, they can petition the Comptroller’s Office for reimbursement from the State. Vendors outside of Texas are not required to honor our sales tax exemption.

3. Prohibiting Purchases from the Disallowed List 

The Cardholder must not purchase goods, services, or items included in the disallowed list.  

4. Approving Payment Vouchers by the Deadline 

ProCard Payment Vouchers must be final approved by the designated CSU and by the final approval date shown on the payment voucher creation email, also found online via the ProCard Cycle Dates.  

5. Shipping Only to UT Addresses  

All items purchased via the ProCard must be shipped to an official university address unless prior approval from the Central ProCard Office was granted. The approved exception needs to be included with the purchase documentation when it is submitted for imaging.  

6. Avoiding Personal Purchases 

Any items considered personal in nature, and not intended for university purposes, are not permitted for purchase via the ProCard. Personal purchases found on the ProCard must be reimbursed to the University by the Cardholder.  

7. Retaining Necessary Documentation and Receipts 

If a receipt is lost, destroyed, or misplaced, Cardholders must first contact the vendor to request a copy of the receipt. If the vendor is unable to supply a copy of the receipt, Cardholders must contact the Central ProCard Office. The Central ProCard Office will advise regarding the required next steps.

8. Excluding Gratuities 

Tipping on the ProCard is strictly prohibited. The Cardholder must request a full refund during instances where tipping occurs. If the vendor does not comply with the request, the Cardholder must reimburse the University the full amount of the tip.  

9. Non-Authority to Obligate 

Cardholders do not have authority to sign an agreement on behalf of the University. If there are any contracts, terms, conditions, or other types of agreements included in a purchase, consult with your CSU Business Office and the Central ProCard Office prior to making the purchase.  

10. Gift Cards 

The ProCard may only be used to purchase gift cards as an award for a nonemployee, or for research study participants. The purchase of gift cards based on employee or student employee roles, or as a reward or present, is strictly prohibited.  

11. Online Purchases 

Online purchases that require an account setup should never be associated with a personal email address or login. The Central ProCard Office requires the usage of the ProCard holder’s official UT Austin email address. Additionally, all purchases must be shipped to a designated University address.  

  • Amazon: All Amazon purchases must utilize the Amazon Business Prime Membership made available specifically for the University of Texas at Austin.  
  • eBay: eBay purchases exceeding $500 require prior approval from the ProCard Manager and, if approved for purchase, are treated as used equipment
  • PayPal: ProCard Cardholders cannot use a PayPal account and must instead utilize the “guest” option upon checkout.



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