HBP Part 7.8.5 Payment Voucher Processing

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: September 7, 2018
Last revised: January 21, 2020
Issued by: Purchasing



Payment vouchers (also known as a VP7) are generated for each ProCard by the Central ProCard Office, occurring at the close of each billing cycle period. Within this document, individual transactions are charged to the allowable account number. Documentation for each transaction that occurred during that timeframe must be reviewed thoroughly before being final approved. 

For the Receipt and Documentation Submission Requirements for payment vouchers, see the Usage portion of these procedures.  

A. Roles and Responsibilities  

All roles in payment voucher processing are tasked to ensure that all ProCard usage is in compliance with ProCard policies and procedures. If an issue arises, and the payment voucher is at risk of not being final approved by the designated deadline, this information must be communicated to both the Cardholder and the Central ProCard Office. The roles and responsibilities involved in the payment voucher process are as follows: 

  • Cardholder 

A Cardholder is responsible for reviewing and submitting documentation for each transaction that occurred during the designated billing cycle period to the Reconciler assigned to their card. The Cardholder is also responsible for ensuring that their payment voucher is final approved by the designated deadline

  • Reconciler 

A Reconciler is responsible for data entry of pertinent information into the payment voucher. This includes a valid account number, an appropriate object code, and any coding that the CSU requires regarding each individual transaction. This individual also completes a thorough review to ensure all usage is in compliance with ProCard policies and procedures. Once their portion of the payment voucher process is complete, they route it forward for final approval. 

  • Final Approver 

The Final Approver within the Cardholder’s respective CSU is the last person involved in the payment voucher process. This individual verifies that a Cardholder has submitted all of the documentation for charges within the designated billing cycle period and that the Reconciler has completed a thorough review. Once these two items have been verified as complete, this individual must review the documentation once more before final approving the payment voucher.  

  • Central ProCard Office 

The Central ProCard Office ensures payment vouchers are generated for each individual card and that all vouchers are final approved by the deadline.  

B. Verifying Payment Voucher Information 

1. Account Number

A valid account number—with sufficient funding—needs to be entered into the payment voucher for each individual transaction.  

2. Object Code Guidance 

An allowed object code needs to be entered into the payment voucher for each individual transaction. The purpose of the item being purchased should always be considered when determining which object code fits best.  

Object codes are the four digit codes used for describing items purchased. Every account transaction must be assigned an object code. The Office of Accounting is responsible for creating and maintaining object codes. In an effort to find the best fit, you may utilize GG8 or GG9 within *DEFINE. GG8 provides detailed information about a specific object code. GG9 provides object codes by keyword.  

To see which object codes are permitted on the account you are using in the payment voucher, you may reference the GO7 function within *DEFINE. You may also find the appropriate object code by using the CROSSWALK within POINT Plus to cross reference the commodity code assigned to a keyword within the POINT Plus Search feature. 1000 is not a valid object code. 

3. Departmental Coding 

This section is optional. If a CSU requires coding entered into the payment voucher, ensure that information is entered accurately. 

4. Using Notes 

The Central ProCard Office highly encourages the usage of the notes section to include any pertinent information that relates to transactions contained within the payment voucher. Some examples of items to include:  

  • Refund information. 
  • Fraud information. 
  • Information related to why a payment voucher was not approved on time. 
  • Clarification regarding object codes that may be questioned. 
  • Inventory References. 
  • Miscellaneous Internal Notes. 
  • Document ID Cross-Reference. 

C. Correction of Errors 

1. Routing Issues 

Payment voucher routing is determined by the default account number established during the ProCard Application process. The Central ProCard Office cannot change payment voucher routing. Should issues with routing arise, a CSU should consult with their respective Electronic Office Manager (EOM) to troubleshoot. 

2. Redirected Payment Vouchers 

A payment voucher is redirected to the Central ProCard Office Electronic Desk during any of the following situations: 

  • An account number is invalid, inactive, or has insufficient funding. 
  • The creator desk does not have an assignee. 

During these instances, the Central ProCard Office contacts the Cardholder to request information so they may route the payment voucher forward appropriately.  

3. Routing (Master) View Conflicts

If the voucher cannot be final approved before the deadline due to a Routing (Master) View conflict, the Central ProCard Office should be contacted prior to the final approval deadline. 

4. Assigned Default Account Numbers 

If an account number should no longer to be utilized, notify the Central ProCard Office. The request needs to include the following information: 

  • Name on the card 
  • Last four digits of the card number 
  • The new default account number 

5. Correcting a Payment Voucher 

A Correction of Charges Document (also known as a VT6) may be processed on a payment voucher document to update an account number or an object code. Corrections must be approved internally and can only be done by staff members with VT6 privileges on the account the expense was charged to. Privileges are granted by the Electronic Office Manager of the account being used. Voucher preparation instructions can be found online here. 

6. Missing Transactions 

If a transaction that posted to the ProCard did not appear on the payment voucher, contact the Central ProCard Office immediately.  

D. Payment Voucher Final Approval and Payment

Once the payment voucher has been final approved, payment to Citibank is then processed. The document must be sent in full to Image Retrieval Services within one month of the final approval deadline date. All pending documentation must be imaged as it becomes available. 


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