HBP Part 7.8.7 Consequences of Misuse

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: September 7, 2018
Last revised: June 6, 2022
Issued by: Purchasing



When applying for a ProCard, an applicant states that they agree to the responsibilities of being a ProCard holder. A violation or infringement of that agreement is referred to as an “infraction.” An infraction may be discovered by any of the following individuals: Cardholder, Reconciler, Final Approver, Internal Audits, or the Central ProCard Office. Some examples of infractions include (but are not limited to) the following items: 

Failure to demonstrate understanding of roles and responsibilities of the ProCard holder. 

  • Split charges. 
  • Failure to resolve being charged State of Texas sales tax. 
  • Failure to verify vendor tax standing.
  • Procurement of goods or services of items listed on the disallowed list.
  • Failure to approve the (VP7 document) by the approval deadline. 
  • Shipment to a non-UT address.
  • Personal purchases. 

All ProCard documentation is subject to review by the Central ProCard Office, State of Texas Open Records Request, Accounting and Financial Management, the Purchasing Office, Payment Services, and the Office of Internal Audits. Should a questionable purchase arise, the ProCard Manager contacts the Cardholder for additional information. If the purchase is deemed “disallowed,” the Cardholder is held responsible for reimbursing the University. The CSU Business Officer and all application signers are notified by the Central ProCard Office of any infractions that occur within a department.  

Spot checks are performed monthly for all Cardholders. New Cardholders are thoroughly audited by the Central ProCard Office for any purchases during the first three months after their card is issued and usage begins. The Central ProCard Office reserves the right to cancel or suspend a ProCard at any time. However, the standard escalation process of the consequences for infractions is as follows:  

  • Educational Warning. 
  • Formal Warning. 
  • 30-day card Suspension. 
  • Permanent loss of card privileges.  

In cases of non-compliance, or careless use of the ProCard, the ProCard Manager conducts a thorough review of card activity. Improper usage of the card may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.


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