HBP Part 12.6. Taxes

Date published: Sep. 1, 2009
Last revised: August 6, 2021
Issued by: Tax Services

12.6. TAXES

Tax Services is responsible for year-end reporting of nonemployee compensation required by the IRS on forms 1099-MISC (for U.S. citizens) and 1042-S (for nonresidents). Please send any questions from vendors or students regarding these forms to the appropriate e-mail address:

For individuals with high assurance UT EIDs and DUO access, you may elect to receive your form(s) electronically.
Please click here and follow the directions as stated. Access to electronic statements requires an internet-enabled computer with Adobe Reader in order to view and print. Electing to receive these forms electronically will apply to any future versions of these forms received from the university until changed unless software or our system of issuance for these forms changes.

1099-MISC and 1042-S Forms can be obtained via the My Tax Forms website in UT Direct.


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