HBP Part 20.2.1. Records Management Services Documents

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: October 23, 2012
Last revised: March 3, 2022
Issued by: Records and Information Management Services


A. The University of Texas Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS)

The UTRRS is the foundation document of the university records management program. It is used by departments to develop a records inventory as well as to request to dispose of records. It is used by Records and Information Management Services to authorize the disposition of records.

This is the authoritative copy of the University of Texas at Austin Records Retention Schedule. Any discrepancies with local copies will be resolved in favor of this version.

The University of Texas Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS)
Amendment 1 to the 8th Recertification Approved for use September 17, 2021

B. Records Management Tools

The following resources are used to manage records at the department level:



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