HBP Part 20. Records Management

Handbook of Business Procedures


Table of Contents

20.1. Introduction and Resources

20.2. Records Retention – General Information

20.2.1. Records and Information Management Services Documents

20.2.2. How to Use The University of Texas Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS)

20.2.3. Archival Requirements

20.2.4. Conditions Under Which Records Must Not Be Destroyed

20.3. Applying Retention to Master Records at the Department Level

20.3.1. Human Resource Records

20.3.2. Faculty, Student, and Academic Records

20.3.3. Financial Records

20.3.4. Capital Asset Records

20.3.5. Research Records

20.4. Departmental Records Management – General Information

20.4.1. Departmental Records Management Contacts (DRMCs)

20.4.2. Records Inventory

20.4.3. Records Management Plan

20.4.4. Contracts Pertaining to State Records

20.5. Disposition of Records – General Information

20.5.1. Requirements for Disposition of Records

20.5.2. Confidential or Sensitive Records versus Nonconfidential Records

20.5.3. Archival Review/Transfer Procedures

20.5.4. Destruction Procedures and Form

20.6. Types of Records – General Information

20.6.1. Master Records

20.6.2. Convenience Copies

20.6.3. Transitory Information Records

20.6.4. Categories of Correspondence

20.6.5. Email Records

20.6.6. Electronic Records

20.6.7. Vital Records

20.7. Records that Contain Confidential or Sensitive Information - General Information

20.7.1. Managing Confidential or Sensitive Records

20.7.2. Destruction Options for Confidential or Sensitive Records

20.7.3. Contact and Payment Procedures for Document Destruction Vendors

20.8. Records Management Terminology