HBP Part 20.5.3. Archival Review/Transfer Procedures

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: October 23, 2012
Last revised: June 12, 2022
Issued by: Records and Information Management Services


Archival review and transfer procedures apply to master records at The University of Texas at Austin or those retained on behalf of the university by a private contractor. Archival review and transfer requirements are listed in the Archival column of The University of Texas Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS). When archival review or transfer is required for a record that has met retention requirements, the following procedures must be used.

  1. The department must complete the Request to Dispose of Records Form and indicate which record series require archival review or transfer, based on the Archival Requirement for the series in The University of Texas Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS)Note: If a department has records that may have archival or historical value but the record series does not require archival review, contact Records and Information Management Services (RIMS).
  2. RIMS reviews the form, assigns a control number, and works with the department to resolve any discrepancies. RIMS then provides the department a link to the Archival Description form to work with the university archivist.
  3. The archivist contacts the department or RIMS and arranges to review or transfer the records.
    1. If the records are transferred to the archives, the department must notify RIMS within 5 business days of the transfer date.
    2. If the records are not accepted for transfer to the archives, the records are authorized for destruction and RIMS must be notified of the destruction date.



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