HBP Part 20.4. Departmental Records Management - General Information

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: October 23, 2012
Last revised: April 6, 2017
Issued by: Records Management Service


Departments at The University of Texas at Austin are responsible for following the policies and procedures developed by Records Management Services (RMS) to preserve and protect all records that the department maintains or which are created or stored for the department by a private contractor to the university. Managing departmental records includes systematically controlling the department’s records from creation to final disposition, whether that means the record is destroyed or transferred to the archives. Departments must also ensure contracts to create, manage, or maintain university records have provisions for the contractor to comply with state records laws and university records management policy. In order to effectively manage records, departments must designate at least one unit records manager (URM) using the Organizational Hierarchy System (OHS). Large departments with specialized divisions may designate a URM for each division.


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