HBP Part 20.6. Types of Records - General Information

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: October 23, 2012
Last revised: July 25, 2022
Issued by: Records Management Service


A. Introduction

An official university record is information that is captured in the conduct of business or using university resources at The University of Texas at Austin. The information may be captured in any format including paper, microform, electronic, or any other media. Departments are required to follow specific procedures for each type of record.

The department must determine whether each record is a master record, a convenience copy, or transitory information. For more information, refer to:

Rules concerning correspondence apply to hard copy and electronic email and messaging. For more information, refer to:

Other types of electronic records retained at the department level have specific requirements. For more information, refer to 20.6.6. Electronic Records.

Each department must identify and protect its vital records. For more information, refer to 20.6.7. Vital Records.



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