HBP Part 7.10.2. UT Market Purchase Order Changes

Handbook of Business Procedures

Date published: March 5, 2012
Last revised: October 29, 2015
Issued by: Purchasing


UT Market purchase orders are generated from PBU requisition documents. All modifications to a purchase order that are greater than $15,000 are subject to approval by the Purchasing Office prior to the change taking place.

Note: Automatic product substitutions are not allowed. If the supplier offers a department an alternate item because the original item is no longer available, the requesting department must remove the original item from the original purchase order and create a new purchase order for the new item.

A. When to Process a Change Order

The following is a list of scenarios where changing a purchase order is not necessary:

  • A change to the supplier’s information (e.g., name, address, or federal tax identification number).
  • Addition of a line item. The requesting department must create a new purchase order.
  • Change in the university’s Ship To address. The requesting department must contact the supplier prior to shipment of the order and provide the proper address(es).
  • Cancellation of the entire purchase order. For more information, see the Handbook of Business Procedures, 7.10.4. Purchase Order Cancellations.
  •  Exchange (e.g., when  an item is swapped for an identical item that was broken, or the wrong item is shipped).

The following is a list of scenarios where changing a purchase order is necessary:

  • Internal changes to the account distribution.
  • Cancellation of a line item (but not complete cancellation of the order).
  • Decrease in quantity of a line item.
  • Increase in quantity of a line item because of an over shipment by the supplier. An electronic receipt must be created in FRMS prior to creating the change order.

B. Creating a Change Order

For purchase orders generated in FRMS, the requesting department must initiate a change order in FRMS (a PXU document).

A PXU document must include:

  • Change to the purchase order (e.g., deletion of an item, redistribution of accounts, etc.).
  • A reason for the change. When the change affects the supplier, the reason for the change must include the name of the supplier’s representative and the date that the change was agreed upon with the supplier.

Note: Amended UT Market purchase orders are not sent to the supplier. Therefore, when the changes affect the supplier, the requesting department must inform the supplier of changes to the purchase order prior to creating a change order in FRMS.

To create a UT Market Change Order, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the FRMS home page: https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/frms/home/.
  2. Click the Procurement tab.
  3. Click the PO tab.
  4. Type the purchase order number in the PO Number field.
  5. Click View PO.
  6. Click Modify to create a change order.

Note: To see the Modify link for a UT Market purchase order, the user must be assigned to the desk where the original requisition was created, and the desk must have Update (U) or Super (S) command authorization for PXU in Electronic Office Management (EOM). There cannot be any other pending change order documents or payment vouchers associated with the original document.



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