HBP Part 9.2. Payment Process - General Information

Date published: Aug. 29, 2011
Last revised: Aug. 29, 2011
Issued by: Accounts Payable


A. Introduction

The subsections of this section define The University of Texas at Austin’s procedures for processing payments to suppliers for the purchase of goods and services. In general, goods and services are procured through the use of a purchase order or a contract. General exceptions to this are found in Section 9.3.4. Nonpurchase Order Payments and Section 9.4. Other Payment Methods.

Payment of invoices requires specific supporting documentation. Payments on purchase orders require that invoices are matched to the purchase orders and to the documentation of the receipts for the goods or services. All payments, regardless of funding source, are subject to the procedures contained within the subsections of 9.3. Payment Process and 9.4. Other Payment Methods.

B. Resources

The payment process at the university is governed by a variety of regulations published by the State of Texas. Some of these regulations include:



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