HBP Part 9.3.2. Wire Transfers and Bank Drafts

Date published: September 18, 2009
Last revised: September 18, 2009
Issued by: Payment Information


A. Introduction

In lieu of a check, The University of Texas at Austin can issue wire transfers and bank drafts to pay recipients who send an invoice to the university or have a contractual agreement with the university for services performed or goods received. After a department requests a wire transfer and the wire transfer is sent by the bank, a cash receipt voucher (VC1) is created and approved within 48 hours to debit the departmental account. The department will receive a copy of the completed VC1 plus documentation of the completion of the wire transfer or bank draft via intercampus mail. The original records will be submitted for imaging by Cash Management.

B. Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are used to send money electronically to a payee’s bank account. These funds can be sent in United States dollars or a foreign currency. Speed is the main benefit of sending a wire transfer.

  1. Domestic wire transfers are sent to U.S. banks using U.S. dollars. They are received by the destination bank the same day the funds are sent. 
  2. Foreign wires are paid to banks in foreign countries (outside the 50 United States) using either U.S. dollars or foreign currencies. Foreign wires are usually received by the destination banks 48-72 hours after being submitted to the bank. 

C. Bank drafts are checks payable in foreign currencies and are delivered per departments’ instructions.

D. Fees

Departments must pay all fees associated with wire transfers and bank drafts. Fees for wire transfers vary, depending on whether it is a domestic or foreign transfer. Fees for bank drafts depend on the amount of the check.

For a fee schedule or more information, please contact Maria Gettier at mgettier@austin.utexas.edu or call 512-232-2108.



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