HBP Part 12.5.2. Authorization for J Visitors

Date published: December 2, 2010
Last revised: September 15, 2021
Issued by: Tax Services


Individuals who will be at the university more than nine days and will receive payment for services should obtain a J visa. International Student & Scholar Services will prepare the J-1 DS-2019. The process can be initiated online from the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa website. The lead time required for this application process can vary widely from country to country, so contact the ISSS as soon as the department plans to invite an international visitor to the university.

The department must obtain all of the items listed on the J Visitor Checklist from the visitor while the person is at the university. The I-94 electronic authorization will not be available on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website once the individual has returned to his or her home country, so it is critical to collect these items while the visitor is still physically present at the university.

The following two items are unique to the J visa:

A. Permission letter from non-UT Sponsor

For J visa holders who have been sponsored by an institution other than The University of Texas at Austin, the department must obtain a permission letter granting The University of Texas at Austin the right to compensate the individual for services performed. The visitor must obtain this permission letter from the Responsible Officer (RO) with the International Office (IO) of the host university before The University of Texas at Austin can agree to any payment for services.

For questions about J-1 Occasional Lectures or Consultations, send an e-mail to the Faculty & Scholars Services section of the International Office at scholars@austin.utexas.edu.

B. DS-2019

The DS-2019 is the J visa application form. This form will identify the sponsoring organization, the type of J visa issued, and visit dates that were authorized. This form is part of the documentation required before a payment can be issued for services.



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