NFLP Exit Interviews

Students are required to complete an exit interview with Loan Services after leaving the university. During the exit interview, the student will be provided with a truth-in-lending statement, a statement of rights and responsibilities, NFLP loan guidelines, loan repayment information, and information about the postponement and cancellation provision for teaching.

Each student will be mailed an exit interview packet shortly after leaving the university.

If a student’s enrollment drops below full time or the student drops out of the program, the student must contact Loan Services as soon as possible.

All students that have borrowed under the Nurse Faculty Loan Program must complete an exit interview after leaving the university. This applies to all graduating seniors, students that drop below full-time, and students that withdraw during a semester. The exit interview process will provide you with valuable information that will help you understand repayment of your loan.

All information gathered in the exit process is strictly confidential and is not shared with the university community.

During the exit interview, you will be guided through a brief description of the provisions in the Nurse Faculty Loan Program as they apply to you. Please refer to the promissory note(s) given to you by the School of Nursing for a more detailed description.

The last step in the exit interview process is a truth-in-lending statement. This disclosure will tell you how much you have borrowed, how much your loan will cost in interest and when your first payment is due. Both of these forms must be completed, signed, and returned to our office. You are urged to keep copies for your own files.

Contact Perkins/NDSL & Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) Services


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