NFLP Leave of Absence

If you are temporarily unable to continue your studies, you may request a Temporary Leave of Absence (LOA) from the Nurse Educator Program. In order to qualify for a leave of absence it must be approved by your Graduate Program Coordinator. A leave of absence granted by the school is not considered to be a breach of the NFLP Promissory Note by the borrower.

The leave of absence will only be granted if there is a reasonable expectation that the student will return to the program and resume their studies. If the student does not return to the program, the loan will go into repayment at the current market rate.

In order to obtain a leave of absence, the student must provide a written, signed, and dated request that includes the reason for the request prior to the leave of absence. The student should then send the LOA request to their Graduate Program Coordinator and copy the Dean of the School of Nursing for review.

However, if unforeseen circumstances prevent a student from providing a prior written request, the school may grant the student's request for a leave of absence retroactively if the school documents its decision and collects the written request at a later date.

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