Online Financial Services

CA$H—View financial aid award information for current and past semesters, view when the award was disbursed, outstanding balances that were paid, and how the funds were disbursed to the student.

Cash Loan—Apply for an emergency cash loan (international students are not eligible) of up to $500. Print your promissory notes.

Financial Summary—A summary of balances a student owes the university and any amounts pending release to the student.

IRS 1098-T—Access current and past tax years' IRS form 1098-T.

My Bank Info—View or update the information used for EFT payments, financial aid disbursements, or refund deposits.

My Tuition Bill—View current and past semester tuition bills and outstanding tuition balances or print an official fee receipt.

Tuition Loan—Apply for a tuition loan, pay your tuition loan, or print a promissory note.

My Loans—View information about loans owed to the university, such as due date, last payment date, interest rate for institutional loans and interest paid year-to-date.

Verify Your Payment—My Tuition Bill will display the message "Your registration is complete" when your initial payment has posted.

Official Fee Receipts—Print tuition receipts from current or past semesters.

What I Owe—Many amounts owed to the university can be paid at this site. Tuition and tuition loan balances can be viewed at this site but are paid by linking to another page. Some balances, such as parking bills, must be paid at the billing department.

Where's My Check—Displays balances pending release to the student.

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