Request for W-9 & Credit Letters

Use this form to request information to be sent directly to a vendor by the Administration Services section of Accounting and Financial Management.

If you are a vendor or supplier needing our W-9 and/or Credit Letter, please contact the department you are doing business with to request that they submit the form on your behalf. If you need our W-9 to submit a scholarship payment, please contact and ask them to submit the request on your behalf.

  • Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9)
  • Credit Letter—The University of Texas at Austin does not provide account numbers or business references to vendors. The Annual Financial Report, audited by The State Auditor's Office, is published online and is available at any time. Vendors will receive a credit letter explaining this policy.
  • Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certification— The Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is available from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Please visit Administration Services for instructions. Questions regarding the use of this form should be directed to

For further assistance with this process, contact Administration Services: