Returned Checks

University Policy for Checks or Electronic Payments

When a check or electronic payment, hereinafter referred to as a check, is returned to the University, a $25 service charge is assessed. The student has ten days from the date of the notice to make full payment by:

  • Cash
  • Cashier's Check
  • Credit Card
  • Money Order

Failure to comply will result in refusal by the University to accept future personal checks. If the returned check was for registration fees or bar clearance, the student's registration will be canceled; a service charge of $25 and a late charge, if applicable, are assessed for all other returned checks.

The University will not accept a check from an individual who:

  • previously had a registration canceled because of a returned check
  • wrote a dishonored check to clear a bar
  • was not responsive to requests for payment, after writing a dishonored check
  • habitually writes bad checks, even though restitution is promptly made

Once an individual is restricted from writing a personal check, the bar remains in place for a minimum of one year from the date the returned check balance is paid. After the year has passed, the student may submit an appeal to the Returned Check Section of Accounting and Financial Management to have the bar lifted.

Investment Checks or Credit Card Promotional Checks

There have been a number of questions about whether the University of Texas at Austin accepts investment checks from investment management companies or promotional checks received from credit card companies. The answer is no. Our e-check system is not equipped to handle such checks, as they are usually not tied to a particular bank account. These checks are processed quite differently than conventional checks. If a student attempts to make a payment using one of these "investment checks or credit card promotional checks", it will be treated as a returned check, and will be charged the $25 return check fee.

Donor Checks

When a donor check received by the University is returned for insufficient funds by the bank, the University charges back the original entry recording the gift to the Development Office. The original check is retained in the Student Accounts Receivable Office for reference. The Development Office will make further contact with the donor for resolution.

Redeposit Checks

The University does not redeposit a check returned unpaid for any reason.

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